productionPS Food & Beverage was established under the umbrella of its parent company, PS Poly Pack Sdn Bhd,which isthe “No. 1 Liquid Pouches Manufacturer” in Malaysia.Found since March, 2014 with its strategic location in the heart of Shah Alam Prime Industrial Area in Selangor, the factory is equipped with the highest level of technology to produce multi beverages in trendy pouches. Our beverage line consists of juices and tea with juice using pure concentrated fruit juices, under their house brand “Origina”.

PS Food & Beverage is persistently focused on developing new product innovations in the beverage industry that could improve or enhance end-user’s experience and lifestyle. For that reason, PS Food & Beverage developed second house brand “Pinnacle” for isotonic drinks product.

PS Food and Beverage has additionally upgraded its facilities and increased its capacity by setting up a retort line to produce dairy based products in pouches resulting the company to be one of the pioneers in the country to offer ready-to-drink retort beverages in pouches.The manufacturing system consists of 4 main lines with high-tech automatic equipment system, which is capable of producing more than 2 million pouches per month. The principal PS Food’s certifications are HACCP, GMP, ISO, and HALAL standards. These certifications recognize the safety and reliability of the products that PS Food & Beverage manufactures, which also granting the company to supply its products worldwide.


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